Ocean52 • Postcards from the Ocean

From a peaceful bahía in Brazil  to the busy lights of New York City. This holiday card, explore the idea of traveling around the globe finding different landscapes in which people celebrate the holidays.

Postcards from the Ocean



This is a promotional piece was created in collaboration with Conquistadors for Barcelona based company Ocean52 a beverage startup that devotes 52 percent of its profits to ocean conservancy.

The video showcase the company’s –Postcards from the Ocean– initiative, a project designed to bring awareness to the high levels of ocean pollution around the world.


Director Freddy Arenas
Creative Direction Mauricio Alarcón
Art Direction Freddy Arenas | Mauricio Alarcón
Photography Freddy Arenas
Edit & Color Correction Freddy Arenas

Production Mauricio Alarcón

Postcard Illustration Cecilia Fletcher | Julian Lorenzo

Sound Design Beacon Street
Music Studio Pretty Good Songs
Music House Found Objects
Composer Trevor Gureckis

Post-Production MPC