Victoria's Secret • Voice

This short spot fallows a young woman into a Victoria’s Secret store. This is a director’s cut version of the original one and a half minute piece created for Victoria’s Secret. 

Voice • Director's Cut

Victoria's Secret


This version is a director’s cut of the original; one and a half minute piece created with friend Carlo Vega for Victoria’s Secret. This thirty second spot aims to have a more narrative approach than the original.

I decided to make this version since the original piece wasn’t  conceived with the intent of telling a story. Choosing which parts to edit to make the narrative more cohesive was a great exercise.

This was the first time I incorporated frame by frame animation into a motion graphics project. It was an interesting addition to the mix of animation techniques used to create this spot.

Creative Direction Freddy Arenas | Carlo Vega 
Art Direction Freddy Arenas
Design & Animation Freddy Arenas
Music Why Do You Let Me Stay Here - She and Him


Shot Process