HBO Docs • Risky Drinking

A series of clips for the  HBO Documentary film Risky Drinking, illustrating drinking tendencies and the effect alcohol could have in someone's life.

Risky Drinking

HBO Docs


HBO Docs invited me to collaborate by directing the animated inserts for their documentary Risky Drinking, directed and produced by Ellen Goosenberg. I was asked to create thirteen clips for the film with a total run time of three and a half minutes. The clips help illustrate the scientific facts of the film as well as some hypothetical situations.

Since the clips were meant to support the documentary narrative arch, I’ve edited some of them together in an effort to show a little bit of what the film is about.

Creative & Art Director Freddy Arenas
Design & Animation Freddy Arenas
Clean-Up & Animation Halim Kim

HBO Docs
Ellen Goosenberg
Music & Sound Design Ernesto Pantin


Original Storyboard

shot process