Skadden • Holiday Card 2016

From a peaceful bahía in Brazil  to the busy lights of New York City. This holiday card, explore the idea of traveling around the globe finding different landscapes in which people celebrate the holidays.

Holiday Card • 2016



A holiday card that takes you on a journey to far off places: from a peaceful bahía in Brazil, to a quiet house in the woods, through the bustling streets of New York City, and serene pagodas in Beijing, this holiday card spans the globe exploring landscapes and a first-hand look at how various cultures celebrate the holidays.

This was my first time directing live action and creating miniature sets; it was a fascinating learning experience that allowed me to experiment with new creative mediums.

Creative & Art Direction Freddy Arenas | Laura Alejo
Design & Miniatures Laura Alejo | Freddy Arenas
Animation Freddy Arenas
Compositing Freddy Arenas
Color Correction Jose Fuentes | Freddy Arenas
Director of Photography Anibal Hernandez

Music & Sound Design Ernesto Pantin



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